Outsourcing Packages

We are striving to work flexibly to accommodate your needs. Please choose from the packages below which best works for you.

Lump Sum (Per Project Basis)

This option is ideal for most individuals like project owners, professionals and small businesses with seasonal projects. No need on maintaining a regular employee to do CAD jobs for you especially if the job is not consistent, save by outsourcing with us on a “Per Project Basis” and still get your projects done when you needed it.

Dedicated Representative (Regular Basis)

This option is best suit for small and large companies which are working on a regular and continuous project basis and yet wanted to save more on overhead costs than maintaining a local employee. We offer flexible terms of commitment on a weekly and monthly basis. A delegated CAD representative shall be working with you on an off-shore condition until termination and or expiration of service.


To learn on how you can save on outsourcing CAD jobs